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    CNC Machining Services Overview

    CNC machining, as a vital process within aluminum die casting, allows for precision machining and adjustments to aluminum castings to meet the final product’s requirements and specifications. In the aluminum die casting process, the aluminum castings obtained after aluminum alloy is injected into molds often require secondary machining and finishing to achieve the desired precise dimensions, shapes, and surface quality. This is where CNC machining comes into play.

    Reliable & Versatile Die-cast Aluminum for Selection

    Bian Diecast takes pride in offering a diverse spectrum of top-tier die-cast aluminum alloys to cater to a wide range of industrial demands. Our carefully curated selection encompasses three primary categories, each distinguished by its unique set of properties and applications.
    CNC Milling

    CNC Milling

    CNC milling workshop is equipped with milling machines used for flat milling, contour milling, hole drilling, and other operations. It is commonly employed in the production of parts such as flats, grooves, holes, and continuous threads.

    CNC turning workshop

    CNC Turning

    The CNC turning workshop features lathes used for rotational machining, including external contour machining, end-face machining, and thread machining. It is frequently used for processing components like shafts.


    EDM Machining

    Wire EDM machining, also known as wire-cut electrical discharge machining, is an electrothermal cutting process. Compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods, Wire EDM machining offers higher precision and surface quality, and it can handle more complex geometric shapes.

    CNC machining

    CNC Machining Centers

    Refine Your Parts Effortlessly

    Following is a brief list of our CNC machining centers, capable of precision machining die-cast parts for a portfolio of sectors. Largest machining dimension up to 1000cm.

    Our Quality Control Measures

    Our workshops are equipped with comprehensive sets of facilities from die-casting to final inspection. We will conduct a comprehensive range of quality tests to ensure that the die-cast products meet your specific requirements and standards.

    Precise Inspection:

    Our skilled quality control team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment for precise inspection. We employ advanced tools and instruments to ensure every component meets the specified criteria.

    Testing Expertise:

    From dimensional checks and material analysis to surface quality assessment and performance testing, we employ a range of testing and inspection procedures to guarantee the quality of our products.

    A Full-scale of Meticulous Tests

    CNC Machined Aluminum Alloys Advantages

    Bring Your Die-cast Parts to Life with Ease


    Flexible Customizations

    CNC machining offers a wide range of design flexibility, allowing customers to customize their products according to individual needs. Different geometries, sizes, and configurations can be achieved through CNC machining to meet specific customer requirements.

    High Productivity & Fast Delivery

    CNC machining utilizes computer control systems, enabling automated and efficient production. Customers can obtain the parts and products they need more quickly, thereby improving production efficiency. CNC machining can complete production within a short time, providing flexibility and fast delivery. Customers can adjust order quantities as needed without significant delays in delivery.

    Repeatibility & Excellent Quality Control

    CNC machining achieves high consistency and repeatability in production through automated and precise control systems. This ensures that the quality and specifications of each aluminum component meet design requirements.

    Excellent Surface Quality

    CNC machining offers precise cutting and surface treatments, resulting in excellent surface quality. This is crucial for products that require high smoothness or special surface finishing effects.

    Resuable & Sustainable

    Aluminum is a recyclable material that can be reused repeatedly. CNC machining of aluminum components promotes environmental sustainability by reducing waste and resource consumption. It aligns with environmental requirements and provides long-term benefits.

    How to Work with Us?


    Upload Your Files

    To quickly start your die-casting project, pls upload file (2D/3D drawing) to our experts. No worries, your design is safe with us. NDA signing is also acceptable.


    Quote & DFM Feedback

    With your designs or designs requested by our experts, we will provide you with a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis and a real-time quotation.



    Once you've confirmed the design & quote, we'll start manufacturing process, including die casting, CNC machining and finishing services.

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    You can get custom packaging for die-cast parts, including packaging materials and logo, label printing.

    die casting automotive parts

    Automotive Parts

    Die-cast automotive housings and parts engineered for durability, precision, and functionality.
    die casting lighting parts

    Lighting Parts

    Die-cast lighting parts & housings that enhance illumination and embody aesthetic appeal.

    Custom Die Casting Parts for A Wide Range of Industries

    die casting electronic parts

    Electronic Parts

    Our die-cast electronic parts cater to diverse applications, delivering the best performance ever.
    die casting furniture parts

    Furniture Parts

    Our die-cast furniture components play a pivotal role in creating stylish, sturdy, and functional furniture pieces.
    die casting construction parts

    Construction Parts

    Die-cast construction parts engineered with precision, providing robust and safe solutions.
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    Project Management Excellence You Can Rely On

    At Bian Diecast, efficiency & transparancy are at the core of our project mangement philosophy. Our goal is to empower our customers to closely monitor their orders while relieving them of the burdens of day-to-day project management tasks.


    What is CNC machining, and how does it complement the die-casting process?

    CNC machining stands for Computer Numerical Control machining. It’s a highly precise manufacturing process that complements die casting by allowing for fine-tuning, shaping, and post-casting modifications of die-cast parts. CNC machining ensures parts meet tight tolerances and specified dimensions, enhancing their overall quality and functionality.

    Can CNC machining be used for both aluminum and zinc die-cast parts?

    Yes, CNC machining is versatile and applicable to both aluminum and zinc die-cast parts. It offers the flexibility to fine-tune and modify parts made from various materials, ensuring they meet specific project requirements.

    Can CNC machining help in achieving tight tolerances for critical die-cast parts?

    Absolutely, CNC machining is the go-to solution for achieving tight tolerances in critical die-cast parts. Its computer-controlled precision ensures parts conform to exact dimensional requirements, even for demanding applications in industries like aerospace and automotive. CNC machining enhances the quality, reliability, and performance of these precision components.

    What types of CNC machining operations are available for die-cast parts?

    CNC machining encompasses various operations, including milling, turning, drilling, and surface finishing. These operations can be tailored to meet specific design and functional requirements for die-cast parts.

    How does CNC machining contribute to reduced lead times in die-cast part production?

    CNC machining significantly contributes to shorter lead times by offering rapid setup, efficient tool changes, and high-speed cutting capabilities. This agility allows for quick adjustments in production schedules and accommodating urgent orders, making CNC machining a key factor in meeting tight project timelines.

    Are there any material restrictions when it comes to CNC machining for die-cast parts?

    CNC machining is versatile and compatible with a wide range of materials commonly used in die-casting, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and more. Material selection depends on your project’s specific requirements, and CNC machining can accommodate various materials with ease.

    Can CNC machining be applied to produce prototypes of die-cast parts?

    Yes, CNC machining is an excellent choice for producing prototypes of die-cast parts. Its ability to quickly and accurately machine parts makes it ideal for testing and validating designs before committing to mass production. This reduces the time and costs associated with creating physical prototypes.

    What design considerations should be taken into account when planning CNC machining for die-cast parts?

    Design factors such as material selection, tolerances, part complexity, and the desired surface finish should be considered when planning CNC machining for die-cast parts. Collaboration with experienced engineers can help optimize designs for efficient CNC machining.

    How do you ensure consistency in CNC machining quality for die-cast parts?

    We maintain quality consistency through rigorous process control, employee training, and adherence to industry standards. Our advanced measurement equipment verifies dimensions and shapes, ensuring each machined die-cast part meets specified requirements.

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