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Aluminum Die Casting Workshops Overview

Bian Diecast serves as your premier one-stop aluminum die casting factory. With a diverse array of die cast machinery, we cater to various industries, including automotive, lighting, electronics, furniture, construction, etc. Take a tour of our comprehensive workshops, encompassing mold design, CNC centers, polishing & surface treatment, and inspection.

Molding Workshop

Our molding workshop is where precision craftsmanship meets innovation. We house a dedicated facility for mold design and manufacturing. Each customer’s mold is uniquely identified, securely stored, and can be recycled for a second life. If you choose to work with us again, we offer to duplicate new molds at no additional cost, saving your cost in the future.
mold design

Molding Design

Mold Storage

Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Worshop

Our aluminum high-pressure die casting workshop sets us apart with a range of advanced machines from 88T to 1250T.
1250T Die Casting Machine 900T Die Casting Machine 800T Die Casting Machine
500T Die Casting Machine 400T Die Casting Machine 300T Die Casting Machine

We serve multiple industries, including automotive, lighting, electronics, furniture, and construction. Our daily production reaches up to 2000 to 3000 castings, delivering innovation and dedication in every piece.

CNC Machining Workshop

Our CNC machine centers are the epitome of precision and technology. Here, we meticulously craft parts, ensuring every detail is honed to perfection to serve its purpose flawlessly.
3-axis CNC machine: These machines can move along the X, Y, and Z axes.
4-axis CNC machine: These machines have the capability to move along the X, Y, Z axes, plus an additional rotary axis (often referred to as the A-axis).
5-axis CNC machine: These advanced machines can move along all three linear axes (X, Y, Z) and has two additional rotary axes (A and B or A and C).
Besides, our CNC machines are capable of milling, turning and EDM machinng, bringing the most precision machined parts to life.

Polishing Workshop

In the polishing workshop, we elevate the aesthetics of parts excellence, either through meticulous manual labor or advanced machines.
Polishing is a finishing process that involves the abrasion of a material’s surface to create a smooth, shiny, and reflective surface. It is commonly used to enhance the appearance of metal and other materials.

Surface Treatment Workshop

In the finishing or surface treatment workshop, we offer coatings and finishing that enhance the die-cast parts durability and elegance, ensuring your die-cast products stand the test of time. There are several treatment methods we use:

Inspection Workshop

In the inspection centers, your die cast parts products will undergo a series of full-demension tests to make sure they’re in line with quality standards. Meticulous examination guarantees your products’ excellence.