Project Management



Project Management

Project Management Overview

At Bian Diecast, we embrace a project management ethos rooted in the “craftsman spirit,” where we dedicate ourselves to getting the job done right the first time.

Project Management Excellence

Dedicated Project Managers

To cater to various die casting project needs from our clients, Bian Diecast has established a comprehensive project management system. We've formed specialized project teams for each project, encompassing aspects like business negotiations, technical support, quality control, and more. This setup ensures seamless coordination and effective resolution of project-related matters.

Transparent & Traceable Project Updates

Feel free to inquire about the progress of your die casting project. Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) provides real-time updates on production status, and our team is always ready to assist with any questions. Rest assured, our dedicated project team members maintain thorough records to ensure the seamless advancement of your project.

We Take the Utmost Care of Your Project

Stage 1

Inquiry & Communication

In this initial phase, Bian Diecast starts by receiving and reviewing inquiries and orders from customers. We will establish a project team to handle the project and engage in technical discussions with the customer before confirming and placing the formal order.
mold design

Stage 2

Mold Making & Trial

In this phase, we focus on mold preparation and design. We will compile a standard document for mold making, hold meetings to discuss new molds, confirm material and component suppliers, and establish the technical requirements and standards for the project. The design process is reviewed and confirmed with the customer, and the mold-making process and schedule are determined.

Stage 3

Mold Preparation & Design

During this phase, Bian Diecast receives material supplies and spare parts, closely monitors the progress of mold making, and prepares for mold trials. We’ll conduct mold trials, document the process and results, and seek customer confirmation of the T1 sample. Once approved,we proceed with small-batch trial production and summarize the trial production experience.

Stage 4

Process Recording & Review

In the final phase, Bian Diecast establishes standard operating procedures (SOP) and standard inspection procedures (SIP). We’ll create project records, including mold management cards, to ensure that the project is well-documented and controlled. Continuous improvement efforts are ongoing to enhance processes and outcomes.

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