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Fulfill your aluminum die casting needs at Bian Diecast’s premier manufacturing facility in China, as well as at our Mexican die-casting factory.

At Bian Diecast, We specialize in crafting high-quality die casting aluminum housing components and custom die cast parts.

Our Die-casting Machines & Facilities

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Aluminum casting is a method for producing high tolerance and high quality parts by pouring molten aluminum into a precisely designed and precision engineered die, mold, or form. It is an efficient process for the production of complex, intricate, detailed parts that exactly match the specifications of the original design.

Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities Suitable for Projects of All Sizes

Our aluminum high-pressure die casting workshop sets us apart with a range of advanced machines from 88T to 1250T

  • Daily yield reaches up to 2,000~3,000 castings.
  • The largest casting area reaches 3125cm².
1250T Die Casting Machine 900T Die Casting Machine 800T Die Casting Machine
500T Die Casting Machine 400T Die Casting Machine 300T Die Casting Machine

we help reduce your die casting cost

Bian Diecast provides comprehensive assistance for your project, starting from mold design and extending to surface finishing services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Starting from mold flow analyzing

Reduce weight and save material costs

Reduce wall thickness to lower the costs

Considering draft to simplify tool manufacturing

Factor in fillet RADII to avoid stress concentrations

Improving part strength with ribs webs

Factor in ejector pins

Avoiding thread misalignment

Reliable & Versatile Die-cast Aluminum for Selection

Common Die-cast Aluminum Alloys

Below are some of the commonly used aluminum alloy grades by our customers, known for their excellent flowability, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance. They are frequently employed in the manufacturing of various aluminum die-cast parts.

EU Grade Aluminum Alloy Materials

These alloys offer excellent fluidity and abrasion resistance, making them suitable for manufacturing and machining various complex-shaped parts and components, including automotive components, engine housings, electronic equipment enclosures, household items, and more.

High Thermal Conductivity Alloy Materials

These alloys exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for applications that require efficient heat dissipation. They find widespread use in electronics, automotive, aerospace, and other high-temperature environments.

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One-stop assistance for your project, including mold design, die casting, CNC machining, & surface finishing services. 

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About Bian Diecast

Aluminum Die Casting Company

Bian Diecast, an aluminum die casting company, is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, China. With over a decade of expertise in die casting, we are committed to providing comprehensive die casting services. Apart from specialized mold design and development, we have an advanced factory and workshops that integrate die casting, CNC precision machining, and surface finishing services, catering to diverse needs across various industries.

Currently, we have accumulated years of service experience in the automotive, lighting, electronics, furniture, and construction industries. With a solid foundation in project management, we aim to become a strategic supplier to many renowned global brands.


Our advanced machines such as CNC, machine your die casting parts from the very beginning to necessary post-machining.

Rapid Turnaround

Combing our moulding expertise, skilled workers and fine equipment, parts are delivered to you in as fast as 2 weeks.

Durable and Stable Parts

Die casting parts produced under high pressure are of corrosion resistance. Your mold or part can be from 500 to 10,000 shot life.

Quality Control

Producing quality parts is our top priority. We comply to quality control standards at every step. Each part is meticulously machined for you.

Easy Assembly

Die casting parts have bosses and studs fastening internal elements. We do necessary machinery work while assembling.

Smooth Surface

Die casting parts have a flat surface without burrs and edges. And CNC machines could help to achieve excellent accuracy and surface smoothness.

Precision CNC Machining Capability

Our CNC machining centers, including 3-axis, 4-axis, & advanced 5-axis CNC machines, capable of precision machining a portfolio of complex & intricate products.

The largest machining dimension is up to 1000cm.

CNC Milling

CNC milling workshop is equipped with milling machines used for flat milling, contour milling, hole drilling, and other operations.

CNC Turning

The CNC turning workshop features lathes used for rotational machining, including external contour machining, end-face machining, and thread machining.

EDM Machining

Compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods, Wire EDM machining offers higher precision and surface quality, and it can handle more complex geometric shapes.

surface finishing service


powder coating

lacquer coating

casting parts

sand blasting

shot blasting


A Full-scale of Meticulous Tests

Custom Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Bian Diecast specializes in crafting high-quality custom die-cast parts for various industries. 

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One-stop assistance for your project, including mold design, die casting, CNC machining, & surface finishing services. 

Streamlined Service Capabilities Enhance Your Die Casting Business

At Bian Diecast, we go the extra mile to provide a comprehensive suite of value-added services that enhance every aspect of your project. From optimizing your supply chain to ensuring top-tier quality, efficient project management, and reliable packaging and logistics.

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